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Crossroads Court

1720 � 14th Ave NE Calgary, Alberta


Crossroads Court is owned & operated by �Bishop O'Byrne Housing For Seniors� and subsidized by �Alberta Infrastructure� in the efforts of providing affordable housing for seniors. The scope of work was to perform a complete restoration and modernization of the exterior envelope as well as significantly improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of the existing buildings. The complete exterior envelope finishing of the building was removed as well as the sheeting insulation, windows and doors. Once the buildings were taken down to the framing/superstructure any deteriorated or rotten materials in the frame work were removed and structural repairs were made bringing the buildings back up to spec/building code.

 All electrical, telecommunications and other forms of mechanical that were present in the exterior walls of the subject property were inspected and brought up to building code as required. Upon completion of all structural and mechanical repairs to the buildings the next step was to horizontally strap all the walls to allow for an increased wall thickness to accommodate a total of 7 inches in thickness of ½ lb open cell Poly Ureathane Spray Foam insulation bringing the R-Value to approximately R24 in the exterior walls of the buildings.

New Energy Star rated windows & doors manufactured by â��Ply Gem Building Productsâ�� were  installed into the buildings including interior finishings. Upon completion of replacing the windows and doors the exterior of the buildings were wrapped with â��Tyvekâ�� moisture barrier along with â��RED ZONE AIR BARRIER & WATERPROOFING MEMBRANEâ��. The exterior elevations of the buildings were then finished with â��James Hardie Lap Sidingâ��, â��James Hardie Shinglesâ��, â��James Hardie Panelâ��, â��LP Smart Trimâ�� and â��Royal Buildingâ��  products  Aluminum Gutters.